The Delightful Lightness of Summer

Summer Holidays at the Taljörgele

An intoxicating lust for life

Ratschings in South Tyrol and the Ridnauntal Valley are a place of endless possibilities. From panoramic hikes to exciting mountain biking tours, and from Nordic walking tours to paragliding, take your pick of a variety of outdoor experiences suitable for all tastes.


A Perfect Golf Holiday

Club firmly in hand, target in sight, swing… and tee off - the eye sweeps over the course and lands on the green. Funny how one of the most relaxing colors can become so exciting!
Beginner or professional makes no difference: the golf course in Vipiteno/Sterzing has plenty to offer any golfer.


Unforgettable experiences with your feet off the ground

Gliding over deep gorges, azure waters, lush green surroundings, and towering mountains – what a feeling! All it takes is a tandem paraglider. Enrich your holiday in South Tyrol with the overwhelming emotion of flying (almost literally) as free as a bird.

Rafting by Sterzing

A trending sport in South Tyrol

The Eisack river near Sterzing offers the ideal opportunity to try rafting! Whether alone, with family or with friends - this sport is fun for everyone.

Climbing & Mountaineering

Climbing in the Ridnauntal Valley

What is it that mountaineers and free climbers look for? A serious challenge and a rush of adrenaline, of course. South Tyrol is home to countless via ferrata routes and climbing gardens, ranging from beginner-friendly climbs to awe-inspiring feats. It is all about gravity, craggy heights, and challenging your limits. Welcome to South Tyrol, a land of plenty for mountain enthusiasts.