A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Nordic Walking: A Healthy Trend

A wholesome experience: hiking in South Tyrol

Rolling hills, pure mountain air, and a natural landscape of unparalleled beauty: South Tyrol is a magnificent stage for Nordic walking. A holiday in Ridanna/Ridnaun is the perfect occasion to practice this healthy discipline, based on gentle, conscious training.

The Benefits of Nordic Walking

Ridnauntal Valley: a walk into well-being

Nordic walking promotes mobility, improves circulation and strengthens muscles. Combined with the unique panoramic views and the scents of the forest and fresh mountain herbs, this sport becomes a pleasurable experience for all the senses and for all ages!

After a revitalizing Nordic walking hike, visit our spa and treat your muscles to a soothing massage or a wholesome sauna session – you will feel completely regenerated!

Stay young, keep healthy – try Nordic walking!

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