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Horses - riding holidays in South Tyrol, Ridnauntal Valley.
Horseback Riding

Meet and Greet our Haflingers

The best companions for exploring the Ridnauntal Valley

Our hotel manager himself – a passionate rider – runs the in-house stables. Come meet our Haflingers: such kind and affectionate creatures! A horseback ride is a timeless and heart-warming alternative for discovery tours through the Ridnauntal Valley.


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“Horse riding is more than just a hobby, it is my greatest passion” 

Heinrich Haller – senior host

South Tyrol – Homeland of the Haflinger

Blond manes and a good heart

There is a fairy-tale quality to a horseback ride through the verdant expanses and rolling hills of the Ridnauntal Valley. It is an unforgettable experience for young and old alike, and a valuable addition to any holiday in South Tyrol.

We offer a wide choice of experiences, ranging from half-day and full-day jaunts to paddock time and even tours with a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh. 

We also offer children the opportunity to learn how to deal with these sensitive animals in a correct and respectful way.

An absolute must: the weekly ride to the Zunderspitzhütte hut!

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Compelling offers for a dream holiday at Hotel Taljörgele.