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The saunas at the Panoramic Hotel in the Ridnauntal Valley.
Silence is the world catching its breath - Friedel-Marie Kuhlmann

The Wholesome Heat of the Sauna

Regeneration for body and mind

Feel your breath slow down as your body temperature rises and the fine scent of oils and herbs fills your lungs. Step into the sauna area of our 4-star spa hotel and enter a whole new world of wellbeing.


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Saunas at the Spa Hotel Taljörgele in South Tyrol.

Finnish Sauna – the Stubensauna

With temperatures of ca. 90°C and low humidity, our sauna is especially recommended for sauna regulars and for those who like it hot!

Steam Bath

The benefits of high humidity associated with mild radiant heat (ca. 45°C) were already known to the Ancient Romans, who created the caldarium – a hot, steamy room – to harness such benefits.
The inhalation bath is a treat for your lungs, bronchial tubes and respiratory tract.

Organic Sauna

A temperature of ca. 65°C boosts the metabolism and promotes blood circulation. Our organic sauna is the ideal choice for sauna neophytes and anyone looking for a milder alternative to the hotter Finnish sauna.

Brine Grotto

The brine grotto is characterized by a room temperature of ca. 40°C and high humidity. The fine salt brine helps detoxify the body and cleanse the skin.

Kneipp Foot Bath

Stimulate your body and enjoy the benefits of alternating hot and cold water (below 18°C). Especially after a long hike, the Kneipp cure is an excellent way to soothe tired legs.

Ice Grotto

Follow a hot session in the sauna with a revitalizing visit to the ice grotto to cool off the body. Rub some crushed ice on your skin to stimulate blood circulation and enjoy the refreshing feeling.

Outdoor Panoramic Sauna

A sauna experience for the entire family! Our 92°C outdoor sauna is open to adults and children and offers a magnificent vista of the Ridnauntal Valley.

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