¾ Board at Panoramic Resort Taljörgele

Taste comes first

Each day, Chef Alexander Wild and his team treat your palate to fresh, creative delicacies, running the gamut from light vitality dishes to starters and salads to traditional South Tyrolean recipes.

Ski Touring

Full immersion in nature

Challenge your own limits and be at one with the mountains. Ski touring in the Ridnauntal Valley opens your eyes to entirely new perspectives. From leisurely ski tours up to the local Alpine pastures to the high Alpine terrain of the Stubaital Glacier, here are a few tips to add some real adventure to your winter holidays...


Sleeping beauty under a pure white blanket

Be the first to leave your tracks on the pristine expanses as the sun turns the snow into a glittering sea – there is something magical about snowshoeing in the Ridnauntal Valley.

Gourmet’s Choice

...our restaurant in Ridanna

Four different dining rooms, the fine interplay of Alpine and Mediterranean flavors, and a balance between Tyrolean flair and modern design – our restaurant is a place for savoring every single moment!


A Perfect Golf Holiday

Club firmly in hand, target in sight, swing… and tee off - the eye sweeps over the course and lands on the green. Funny how one of the most relaxing colors can become so exciting!
Beginner or professional makes no difference: the golf course in Vipiteno/Sterzing has plenty to offer any golfer.


Unforgettable experiences with your feet off the ground

Gliding over deep gorges, azure waters, lush green surroundings, and towering mountains – what a feeling! All it takes is a tandem paraglider. Enrich your holiday in South Tyrol with the overwhelming emotion of flying (almost literally) as free as a bird.