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Spring at the 4 star Panoramic Hotel in South Tyrol.
Spring in the Panorama Resort Taljörgele
Raising the Curtain on the Magic of Spring
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Experience the spring at its best at the Panorama Resort Taljörgele

South Tyrol – the sunny side of spring

The sun becomes warmer by the day, the last few brushstrokes of snow on the mountain peaks slowly melt away, and the first blossoms announce the return of spring – visit Ridnauntal Valley to experience the reawakening of nature at its best!


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Spa Holiday in the Hotel Taljörgele in Ridanna.
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“Spring is when life is alive in everything

Christina Rossetti

Spring Awakening in the Ridnauntal Valley

Welcoming in the warm season at our 4-star hotel

After a thrilling, charming winter we always look forward to the arrival of spring, and to the magic of a new beginning that it brings with it. As the scent of the first flowers and tender new grass fills the air, the meadows and woods start teeming again with life… as does the whole of the Ridnauntal Valley.

It is a time for pleasurable walks and rust-shaking hikes, to explore the greenery while riding on our Haflinger horses, and to engage in relaxing leisure activities in the local surroundings. It is also a time for indulging in delicious seasonal specialties from our kitchen...

The Marvel of Spring

The Ridnauntal Valley spring is an inspiring sight, and from our 4-star hotel you can take it all in at any time! The last snow is still shimmering on the mountain peaks, the mountain meadows are in bloom, while the first flowers begin dotting our garden… let the feeling of spring pervade you!

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Springtime Relaxation

Body treatments with a variety of flowers and buds, a regenerating sauna session with inspiring fragrances, or a soothing bath in our pool with a view of nature in bloom – in short, the perfect spa hotel for your spring break!

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Taljörgele Cuisine – a Feast of Flavors

Regional, fresh, original – the culinary creations by our chef Alexander Wild and his team will delight your palate with the finest dishes from the South Tyrolean recipe book. Taste a mouthful of spring with a colorful mix of fresh salads, light starters, and traditional asparagus specialties.

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On a Haflinger Horse

Take a horseback ride through Ridnauntal Valley – with blossoms, flowers and verdant meadows passing by all around you, experience the South Tyrolean spring from a new perspective. Let the horse show you around!

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Compelling offers for a dream holiday at Hotel Taljörgele.